July Unboxing Haul & Video?!

Hello friends! :)

I had a packed weekend visiting my parents so I missed my Friday favorites post but I did keep in mind that I still wanted to share some things I’ve been loving – so I got a chance to film an unboxing/haul video from some of the things that I bought in the month of July. I had a super busy work week as well but I made it – TGIF! I’m doing a lot of testing and playing around with my new camera that some of you may have seen on my Instagram feed and this video is definitely a part of that! Once I test a little more, I’ll be writing an in depth review of the Canon Powershot N100.


I decided to share some first impressions of things that I bought during the month of July and to do so by trying something completely new! Nothing groundbreaking and off the charts exciting…but no one is forcing you to watch it, especially in its entirety. (Seriously.)

My  video editing skills = nonexistent. I learned as I went and didn’t bother to do anything fancy here so it’s very rough but does the job. Honestly does it need to look cool if I’m just opening up boxes? Maybe if I were a Google partner, I guess. So despite the awkwardness of this first attempt, I’m sharing it with you guys. I started Cupcakes & Creativity because I wanted a creative outlet and wanted it to be a channel for me to try new things, learn, and grow. Coming up in the next month or two I’ll be doing some big things for my blog and it takes time. Sometimes time that I don’t have, but this is a hobby that I love and am working hard on so with baby steps like roughly edited videos, I’ll get there :) Side note – as of now, I have absolutely no plans to become a YouTuber but I may choose to add some video footage to accompany my blogs, who knows.

Click the video to view it on YouTube if you want all the links to websites/products that I mentioned in the video. Thanks for stopping by!



Okay another side note – I am really impressed with this camera quality so far. Debating on these boots…they may be exchanged for some other boots. Stay tuned.




Last note: all photos and video were shot with the Canon mentioned above. See you guys soon for my next post!



Fitting Room Review: Loft 50% off Sale

Loft has a lot of simple, classic pieces and often has friendly sizing for petite figures. My favorite pair of dress pants comes from Loft and they fit like a glove. So when I saw that the sale section is an additional 50% off (still going on in stores and online!) I wanted to try to find some pants. Sadly, I didn’t end up with either of the pants that I tried on but there were many great deals so I still would like to share. Jean, from Extra Petite blog often does mini reviews on items that she’s tried on in the fitting room and they are helpful for those who are going to be ordering online. So this post is inspired by her :)

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I want to get boyfriend jeans and while I like the idea of them, every single pair I try on makes me feel frumpy. I have a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans that have a slimmer boyfriend fit that will do, but every now and then I am tempted to get a slightly distressed pair. Below is Loft’s version. I tried size 25/0 and the waist was perfect but the rear felt a little loose. I do love how relaxed they look. After sale, they were around $23 – not bad at all.



The other pair I tried on fit the exact opposite because they were skin tight. The fit is called the ‘Curvy skinny ankle zip’ with about 4 inches of zipper on each side. (Not very comfortable, but so cute.) Despite being so tight, the denim had a lot of stretch – almost like a jegging. This light wash would be fantastic for summer and spring I think but I do wish they were less tight. So pair #2 didn’t make it home with me. I also didn’t see a price tag on them but looking online, they are $54.99 then additional 50% off. Sizing wise, they run true to size for me – I tried on a 25/0 as well but the petite version so as to get a true ankle pant. How many times have I tried on ankle pants and they hit er, far past my ankle? Quite a few times – and my legs aren’t short. I’m just not very tall :)


Here are a few other picks from the sale!

$44.99 + additional 50% off

$84.88 + additional 50% off

$39.99 + additional 50% off

I do have some more exciting purchases to share soon but it’s a little project that requires a little more work than usual so stay tuned!


Beauty Blogger of the Month Award!

Cecilia’s Corner hosted this beauty award and giveaway on her blog and I was nominated by Anna but unfortunately was too busy to get around to this before the deadline. I thought this would be fun to answer anyway so here are my answers! If you’re into beauty, let me know what some of your answers are! 

1. Where does your makeup inspiration come from? 

My makeup ‘style’ doesn’t vary often, though the products might. I would say my inspiration comes from Pinterest, other bloggers, and especially YouTube gurus that I follow. 

2. What are 3 of your makeup Holy Grail products you cannot live without? 
-Waterproof mascara – my holy grail (an old Max Factor mascara) got discontinued in the US so unfortunately I don’t have a sell-my-soul-for mascara but I absolutely need waterproof formulas to keep my stick straight lashes curled all day. 
-Lip balm. I know, how boring. Does this even count as makeup? I can’t live without keeping my lips moisturized because my lips are naturally on the dry side regardless of how much water I drink. It’s so uncomfortable to have chapped lips, particularly during the cold months in the PNW. 
-Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil. I don’t have thick brows at all so filling them in a little to form some sort of arch (working on that…but my brows are stubborn) is a vital part of my routine. I don’t like crazy bold brows for myself but to have them clean and groomed is important. 

3. What is your makeup signature look which you have on most of the time? 
Something glowy on the cheeks, softly defined brows, black liner on the top lid, waterproof mascara, and if I wear eyeshadow – almost always neutrals. I’m a sucker for taupe. 

4. Let us know your favorite makeup brands? 
MAC, benefit, NYX, Maybelline (best drugstore mascaras I can find), and a little bit of everything else :)

5. Your ultimate makeup pet peeve? 
Sharpie eyebrows. I don’t think I need to expand on this one. 

6. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product!
Color correcting primers. 1) It doesn’t color correct. 2) Doesn’t prolong the wear of makeup at all. Just an extra step that looks weird on the skin. (Specifically L’Oreal Studio Secrets)

7. Concealer OR foundation ONLY for the rest of your life. Choose one and tell us the reason!
Foundation! A good foundation can make a huge difference in your overall appearance and can be doubled up as a concealer. Easy! 

Friday Favorites

The all too amazing Lauren Conrad writes a blog where she rounds up her favorite odds and ends every week to share! I might have a little girl crush on LC and I felt inspired today to share some of my favorites from this week. I’ve been so focused on working and I’m still organizing my apartment that at the end of this week, I’m feeling exhausted – but really, really happy. It’s the little things in life that can make you smile :)

So onto the favorites…here’s my assortment of beloved little treasures from the past week.

<Boxes as decor>


Yes, I love my fake flowers. You might remember them from my DIY mason jar post here. I’ve been doing a lot of decorating recently and have come to find that my slight hoarding issue when it comes to cute packaging (like this amazing lime green Ted Baker box that looks like a stamped package) make for wonderful storage AND decor. I have various Kate Spade boxes that are a close runner up – such cute colors and patterns.

<Hats hats hats>


After 20 years of refusing to wear a hat, I’ve suddenly found  that I actually love hats and am growing a mini collection. This straw fedora-style hat from Forever 21 is something that I wore even on a cloudy day this week. Long story short, I almost bought this $15 hat’s twin from J.Crew a few weeks ago but I opted for this one instead. Even though I love J.Crew and it was on sale for $25, this one felt like pretty good quality as far as straw hats go and this one has a bow, the twin did not. Bows > everything.

<Shower samples>


I’ve been trying this thing all week where I try to use a new sample beauty/skincare product each day. It’s scary to think I have that many samples that are just sitting around. This keims shampoo is AMAZING. It’s a gel that lathers nicely and smells heavenly. A mix of peppermint, nuts, and a hint of coconut make for a really ‘awakening’ shower. This Lush sample that I received was described to be like “a margarita for your skin”. It does smell like a margarita…but it’s also a great scrub. Super gentle on the skin and when the salt granules dissolve and get washed off, it leaves the skin feeling surprisingly moisturized.

Lastly, social media is always a favorite of mine obviously but this week especially I have “met” so many more bloggers and creative people on Instagram and WordPress. I’ve been sharing some more outfit posts on Instagram lately and today I received a lot more traffic than usual which was a nice surprise. Hi to any new followers who are reading this :)


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As I’m typing and getting distracted doing a million other things, I just noticed that it turned 12:01 so I just missed Friday – but I guess it’s okay :) I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, friends!