{Yours truly}

Welcome to {Cupcakes & Creativity}!


I’m Grace. Currently living in Seattle, a Business student, and I love to write for fun.
Judging from the title of my blog, you can probably tell that I like cupcakes and all things creative. I’m a big photography, fashion, and design enthusiast but I am by no means an expert — I am learning new things and finding what I love in different aspects of life each day. This blog is really for me to document memories, experiences, and fun things so that I can look back on them in the future and along the way, hopefully inspire others by sharing some bits and pieces of my life.

Some more about me: I love earl grey tea (all tea, really), painting, and thrifting. I love hunting for great deals and expanding my wardrobe, not that there’s any room to. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be sushi. I have a major love for food, especially all carbs. I have a strange obsession with organizing things, such as color coordinating my closet and writing lists. For someone who has never owned a pet, I love puppies so much. I love TED talks – in fact, I’m on the volunteer team for a TEDx event here in Seattle. Reading is something I loved as a child, still enjoy, but seem to have replaced with lots of social media. The PR/marketing side of me is fascinated by social media – thus the many forms that I have taken on in my life.

So where do I hope to go with {Cupcakes & Creativity}? We’ll see. I hope to keep updating this blog regularly because it’s really a fun outlet for me and I genuinely enjoy it. I’ve read others’ blogs for years and thought to myself, I could do that too. And I think I’d love it. So here I am, experimenting. If only 10 people continue reading this blog, awesome! My attitude towards hobbies is that you should only do it for yourself – only then can you really enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting!


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