July Unboxing Haul & Video?!

Hello friends! :)

I had a packed weekend visiting my parents so I missed my Friday favorites post but I did keep in mind that I still wanted to share some things I’ve been loving – so I got a chance to film an unboxing/haul video from some of the things that I bought in the month of July. I had a super busy work week as well but I made it – TGIF! I’m doing a lot of testing and playing around with my new camera that some of you may have seen on my Instagram feed and this video is definitely a part of that! Once I test a little more, I’ll be writing an in depth review of the Canon Powershot N100.


I decided to share some first impressions of things that I bought during the month of July and to do so by trying something completely new! Nothing groundbreaking and off the charts exciting…but no one is forcing you to watch it, especially in its entirety. (Seriously.)

My  video editing skills = nonexistent. I learned as I went and didn’t bother to do anything fancy here so it’s very rough but does the job. Honestly does it need to look cool if I’m just opening up boxes? Maybe if I were a Google partner, I guess. So despite the awkwardness of this first attempt, I’m sharing it with you guys. I started Cupcakes & Creativity because I wanted a creative outlet and wanted it to be a channel for me to try new things, learn, and grow. Coming up in the next month or two I’ll be doing some big things for my blog and it takes time. Sometimes time that I don’t have, but this is a hobby that I love and am working hard on so with baby steps like roughly edited videos, I’ll get there :) Side note – as of now, I have absolutely no plans to become a YouTuber but I may choose to add some video footage to accompany my blogs, who knows.

Click the video to view it on YouTube if you want all the links to websites/products that I mentioned in the video. Thanks for stopping by!



Okay another side note – I am really impressed with this camera quality so far. Debating on these boots…they may be exchanged for some other boots. Stay tuned.




Last note: all photos and video were shot with the Canon mentioned above. See you guys soon for my next post!



3 thoughts on “July Unboxing Haul & Video?!

  1. Great video, although you could speak a little but louder :). I wish I could be confident enough to try recording myself. And I am loving these boots, although I am not the fan of suede. The jewelery pieces are gorgeous too!

    • I agree! If I ever film a video again I will figure out the mic settings and probably not do it when my family was sleeping haha! I have two pairs of suede booties already so I’m thinking I’ll probably exchange these ones for another pair! You can always record and not show your face :)

      • Oh that is true! But there is always someone in my house so it would be so awkward to film! Although I will be getting a professional camera in few months, so probably I will try filming too (when I am alone haha).

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