Review: Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

Summertime skin deserves to be nourished and hydrated too, even though it may be hot and humid. The US is always months, if not years, behind the trends in skincare in Asian countries. Now that BB and CC creams are seen in the states, you can find a variety of drugstore versions which are more budget-friendly than buying the original Asian brands online and dealing with international shipping. Today I’ll be reviewing this one from Olay:


$10-13 | 2.5 oz | Light-Medium shade

First impressions: The product size is huge – over twice the size of a standard foundation. (Great value for your money!) The packaging feels a bit flimsy but it does the job. I also noticed that the scent was strong at first but I have come to like it – more on this later.

The Good: Obviously any product at this price, so readily available at a drugstore, and with this size is a winner already! This product is a no fuss solution to summer days when you just aren’t feeling up to applying tons of products to your skin to get a fresh faced glow. The squeeze applicator keeps dispensing easy and sanitary. I’ve found no difference in applying the product with a stippling brush, rounded dense foundation brush, and my fingers. My personal preference is to use the rounded brush because I think it gives a TINY bit better coverage and is fastest. The coverage is sheer so for extra coverage on the days when I need it, I just use a little bit of cream concealer. It feels slightly greasy after application but after a few minutes, it disappears. The finish is beautiful and gives you a healthy glow so you can ditch the highlighter on top of your bronzer. It can last through an 8 hour work day but to last through the heat, I recommend setting with a good oil absorbing powder (my all time favorite for summer is the rice powder by Palladio) or using a setting spray.

The Not-So-Good: The lack of shade selection (there are only two options) is a big problem because only fair to medium/olive skin tones will be able to use this product. I have been spending more time in the sun and using some self tanner so the Light to Medium shade looks many shades lighter than my hand as you can see in pictures below. Wearing SPF on my face has kept it about the same shade as it is in the Spring however, so luckily the shade works. As the description claims, this product truly does blend into your skin. So while I got lucky, I think Olay could benefit from offering more shades. The scent doesn’t bother me but I know many who are sensitive to fragrance would appreciate less scent. If you enjoy cucumber melon scents, you’ll like this one. The scent doesn’t linger after application thankfully. I’ve never been a fan of my face smelling like one of my old favorite  Bath & Body Works hand soaps, personally.



Bottom Line: If you only have some redness or blotchiness to cover and like a one step process in the summer mornings, this product’s for you. If you have some blemishes, no worries – you can just add some concealer. This product combines moisturizer, coverage, and SPF into an easy application and gives a beautiful glow. (I sound like a broken record about SPF but I would still recommend putting on a separate SPF product underneath this product because it only has SPF 15. If my skin tone stays the same for the rest of summer, I’m going to continue using this!

If you like BB creams, let me know what your favorite is! I have two others that I’m also using so I’m in a constant rotation of them this summer.

Thanks for reading as always!



8 thoughts on “Review: Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

  1. I first heard about BB creams from Youtuber BubzBeauty, and I’ve heard that even though the US has been rolling out BB and CC creams, they still aren’t exactly like their Asian counterparts! I’ve tried the Garnier BB cream and was disappointed by it because I just found it way too thick and heavy for me – it ended up just making my skin look really greasy! This Olay one seems thinner and less greasy-feeling on the skin, so I may have to try it out before I lose hope on BB creams :)

    • She’s adorable, one of my favorite Youtubers! The US counterparts are certainly different..but they are so much easier to get your hands on! This one with the right products can work for my combination skin so it might work for you :) It’s more of a dewy finish though, so I have another recommendation that’s working pretty well. From Maybelline! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I was really considering trying this product, but I eventually went with a BB cream from Garnier which I did not like! It felt itchy on my skin and it was a tone or two too dark :(. I think I will finally try the Olay one!

    Anyway, I was looking through your posts and I really like what I am seeing! I am clicking that follow button with pleasure! Check out my blog if you have any free time :)

    • I hope it works out for you!! Definitely let me know :) I would consider buying it from a drugstore that takes returns too in case it doesn’t! I will definitely check it out now, thanks for stopping by and following Anna!

      • I tried to return it but walmart does not take returns :(. And I paid 16$ for it! Do you know which drugstore takes returns?

      • Walmart is notorious for less than desirable customer service. Any drugstore like Walgreens and even target should be better :)

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