Comfort Food: Ballard edition

A reunion with friends is never complete without something savory and Instagram worthy and my after work excursion to Ballard with Steven and Stephanie didn’t disappoint! Steph and I had been talking about getting Parfait ice cream macarons for a while so we just picked a place for dinner literally as we drove around the area. (Actually, Steven drove – thanks Steven!)

We ended up deciding on Skillet Diner because it’s in the same building as Parfait! Tip: There’s even free street parking nearby. You don’t get that in downtown Seattle that’s for sure.



Mason jars are everywhere in this restaurant – it was clearly love at first sight stepping inside. The decor does remind me of a diner, however with a modern twist. We all ordered total comfort food and managed to clean our plates pretty well. Go big or go home, right?

The Burger – bacon jam, arugula, creamy bleu cheese w/ side 


Fried Chicken Sammy – fennel seed crust, pickled & charred jalapeño aioli, kale, potato bread w/ side


Macaroni and Cheese – smoked gouda, orecchiette pasta, herb cheese crisp, bruleed cheddar cheese + bacon jam! 

The mac and cheese was very cheesy and rich, a bit more sharp than the lobster mac and cheese that I had earlier this week at Taphouse Grill. The burger was great but I should warn those that are weary of strong flavors. Bleu cheese is always very strong so you need to be a fan to order this obviously. The bacon jam…is indescribable. I really enjoyed it however there was a lot in my burger and towards the end when I was getting really full from all those seasoned fries, I wished there was a bit less. Bacon jam, just as the name suggests, is going to be a strange but enticing taste.

Overall, I give Skillet Diner 4.5/5 stars. It’s a fun dining experience because of the environment, quirky menu, and large variety of offerings. Everyone will find something they enjoy here, guaranteed.



We were stuffed but we couldn’t miss out on this tiny little shop that’s tucked away in the corner of the building. We went late in the evening and there was still a mini crowd inside. Perhaps because of the time of day we went they were sold out of some of the flavors of macarons. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try the raspberry flavor but I may go again to try that one!



If you’re not into macarons, try these brownie bites with ice cream inside. These are $3 a piece and the macarons are $4 a piece. How cute are they?!


We all enjoyed our macaron ice cream sandwiches as expected! Overall rating, I give it a 4/5 stars. The price is a bit steep for the size of the sandwich but this is definitely an indulgence treat that’s worth trying at least once. I tried the honey lavender after the girl working convinced me that it wasn’t too overwhelming, after I explained I didn’t want to eat something that tasted like a straight up flower. The lavender was pleasant, not too strong like promised. It was very sweet, however, so the honey flavored ice cream which was much more mild was a good compliment. The macarons are crispier on the outside just how I like them so no complaints there! They are a bit messy, so try not to eat them while walking or riding in a car. I probably wouldn’t get just ice cream or a shake here, but if you’re in the mood for some organic, storemade goodies in a cute store – try this place out.


Smiling faces and full bellies :) I’m so proud of Steph’s hard work and I’m excited for her as she starts a full time position just next month! (Most of the photography in this post is brought to you by Steph)

If anyone’s wondering, I’m wearing my mom’s maxi dress from years ago – you can’t see the texture of it but it’s beautiful, some new favorite sandals from Target, an Eddie Bauer knit cardigan, and a gifted infinity scarf from Charlotte Russe I believe. I’m about to travel to the East Coast so I’ll be back soon with some travel posts – stay tuned!



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