Playing with Prep – J.Crew

This outfit combines one of my favorite colors with a brand I love and the result turned into a bit of a preppy look. The most exciting part of this outfit is the shirt. A few weeks ago, I bought it from J.Crew when they had their additional 40% off sale and this treasure had me almost jumping up and down – that’s how excited I was.

The shirt: Classic popover (orig. $72.50) – sold out (comes in various prints and fabrics though, such as this one)


The good: I don’t have anything like this and while I don’t mind buttons (the description states “for when you don’t feel like dealing with all those extra buttons) it’s an understated detail that I enjoy. The Tiffany blue color is perfect, definitely a Grace color. The material is breathable yet still quite thick compared to most of the other button ups that I have. The sleeves are fitted but not tight, there’s still room for movement.
The not-so-good: Since it was the only shirt they had left, there was no 00 which is probably what I would have picked over the 0 – but I’m not complaining! I could see where a 00 would fit me better, however, especially because the shirt length (27 7/8”) is a tad longer than most shirts and I have a shorter torso. The looseness is perfect for casual wear, however I would need to play around with this to wear it for businesswear.

Sitting copy

Having too much fun with my photographer of the day, Katie :)

[The details]


I also went to J.Crew again a few days ago (oops) but I was good and only bought this jewelry dish. I am a sucker for gold, clearly, and this festive orange/gold chevron dish was calling my name. It was on sale for $12.99 and additional 40% off! Here’s what I have on in the pictures above minus a pair of mini mint triangle earrings I forgot to take off:

DSC_0321 copy

J.Crew Classic Popover shirt
ZARA dark wash jeans
Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original cognac quilted
Michael Kors Darci rose gold watch

J.Crew is currently having a spring sale – additional 30% off spring sale & 50% off final sale items. Check it out! I hope you all enjoyed this post, I certainly had fun writing it because of the great deals that I got. :) I’m about a week away from finishing my last quarter of school for the year so I can’t guarantee I’ll have a post before then, but I’ll be on Instagram so follow me there! @tinycupofcake


P.S. My friend, Victoria, has a jewelry shop which you can visit here. Expect a collab post soon! In the meantime, you can find some cute graduation gifts in the shop.


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