May Day Musings

Happy May Day all! It has been absolutely beautiful here in Seattle the past few days. Being busy with many things was starting to take a toll on me and last night, I had a very restless night – but I was journaling, doing some deep thinking (how cheesy, but really), and got to talk to my amazing mama who is in Shanghai right now. Something that struck me was a beautiful verse that I found in my journal. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already read the caption that goes with this. If not, we can be Instagram buds – it’s like a visual daily blog :)

Anyway, why I mention that is because I wasn’t in the best mood going to bed. I try to have the mindset that no matter how good or bad your day goes, tomorrow is a new day. Also, my mom always tells me that you are in charge of your own happiness. So today I woke up, decided I was going to have a good day and just enjoy this beautiful life I’m living. I have been inspired by random encounters and sights today, sadly I didn’t have my blogging notebook with me – but I did keep a list in my phone of the happiness around me. So here’s an itty bitty post about my great day and what made me have a grateful & happy heart today!

This journal is so cute and one of my favorites from a bunch that my mom has bought me. She knows that I love writing and ever since I was young, she’s been buying me journals. I actually have a phobia of birds but these are just too cute to pass up. (If you’re reading this in Shanghai, hi mom!) I love to write down my thoughts and what’s been going on in my life – hence this blog. However more of the personal stuff is kept in a journal. One thing I started doing is making a list of everything that I’m thankful for the day that I write an entry. It’s nice to look back and remember what made me happy then, because it usually puts a smile back on my face as I’m reading it.


Mint nail polish and this amazing glitter polish from Urban Outfitters – called “Mirror Mirror”. This color makes me happy and there’s something really therapeutic about painting your nails. Is it weird how much happier I felt after removing my chipped nude nail polish from last week? Nude is so blah for spring nails, so I took Lauren Conrad’s advice and put some pastel on.


Today I sat out on the sunny quad with my friend Brandan before we both went to class or work. It was too hot in the sun but the shade felt so nice. It’s pretty rare for me to be able to just sit down in the middle of the quad and relax since I’m usually going from class to class or heading to work. The simple things like being able to wear shorts or getting free cotton candy really did make me happy!


Before I went to meet up with friends, this nice gentleman Patrick approached me with two shopping baskets filled with colorful daisies. He was so polite and explained to my friend and I that he wanted to wish people a happy May day. I asked if I could take a picture of him for my blog and he gave me an extra third flower then posed! This random act of kindness and seeing him giving flowers to all the girls in his path on campus warmed my heart. At the hottest time of the day, approaching strangers with flowers bought with my own money seems like the last thing I would have thought to do. Thanks to you, Patrick, I want to do something nice for at least one stranger. You’ve inspired me and made my day, thank you.



Oh and here’s a happy May day selfie just because. I hope you too had a wonderful day but if not, tomorrow’s a new day! (And Friday!)

May Day



2 thoughts on “May Day Musings

  1. Dear Grace,
    Thank for sharing. Enjoy reading your blog.
    Here’s the Psam 46:10:
    He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

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