Turning 20!

I turned 20 last week and thanks to many loving friends and family, I had a great birthday weekend. In the midst of it all, I of course failed to get some OOTD shots but here are some snippets of my birthday so enjoy!

My actual birthday was a really beautiful day at the end of a very rainy week. So I took the opportunity to wander around downtown to shop and eat. Clearly I like these two activities as I frequently spend my free time shopping and eating it seems.. Jared and I spontaneously decided to stop by Japonessa for my favorite sushi happy hour! I’ve been to this restaurant at least 10 times since moving to Seattle and it never gets old. Make sure you make a reservation or have them text you when your table is available so you don’t end up standing in the non-existent lobby for an hour! (A must try is the Super Bad Boy roll.) A mix of iPhone pictures in this post (I apologize) but I’m not ready to bring a DSLR everywhere with me – especially since I’m borrowing my mom’s. (Thanks mom, miss you.)

Finally went to Portage Bay for brunch as well! This place is also notorious for long waiting lines however we walked straight in and there was a table for two ready! Smaller parties seemed to be seated first. The environment is bustling and noisy, but a cheerful place for a brunch. Just be prepared to yell across the table to hear :)

I love this mug & I was very amused that all the servers’ shirts say ‘eat like you give a damn’ on the back.

I wanted to get something that I can’t make at home, like an omelette, so I ordered the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict with potatoes. If you’re a fruit lover and not allergic like me, you should order something that comes with a trip to the toppings bar! The whipped cream looked amazing but I just admired from afar. I prefer my brunch to be more salty than sweet anyway!

I think this is the pork omelette below:


I only picked up a few things while downtown but I’m pleased because they were all awesome bargain finds! Both of these were only $10-13 each:

This statement necklace doesn’t exactly scream spring but I love black and gold jewelry and thought the chain was unique. For the price, it feels heavy and well made.

F21 2

The best part of my weekend was my roommate and another one of my best friends co-planning a surprise for me! I wish I had pictures of the other details, but here’s some evidence of just how perfect everything was.
I love bunting and my roommate handmade this! Even the painted canvas with my nickname on it.

Adorable photo booth props! (Yes, we love our mason jars.)


I’ll be back soon with a review on the monthly beauty subscription, Birchbox, and the Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life palette that I ordered with my points! I’ve temporarily canceled my subscription – so I’ll be explaining why.

Thanks for reading! If you helped me celebrate my birthday or wished me a happy 20th, thank you so much! This is going to be an exciting decade, I can’t wait for the adventure!


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