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I’ve had this blog for exactly a year now, however I’ve started anew with a new vision & the motivation to not leave it as abandoned as it was before. Since I plan to share this more publicly through various social media channels, I figured the most appropriate “first” post would be a little bit about me. Specifically, some details about what you can find in my closet and what makes up my style.

Let me start out by saying, I’m a huge blog lover and I’ve been reading blogs for years. The “fashion personality” posts that some of my favorite bloggers have written are completely different now compared to when I first started following them. This is typical, as fashion trends constantly change and of course, people change. That’s why it’s a little difficult for me to describe my style but if I really had to, I would describe it as classic modern



The picture above is an outfit that I could wear everyday if that were acceptable. Completely on par with the style profile, these are pieces that I think are timeless. (Okay, maybe not the distressed denim. While I am a fan – from afar – I’m not very comfortable wearing it myself.) However, a chunky knit infinity scarf, STRIPES (one of my obsessions), booties, and a military inspired jacket — right up my alley. I gravitate toward neutral colors {think taupe, gray, navy, burgundy}, simple patterns like stripes, and relatively simple pieces. Some timeless pieces can stand pretty boring on their own, however paired together with the right things, you get a comfortable, stylish piece that won’t be recycled in less than six months.



For the days I’m feeling more creative and dressy, I often consult my Pinterest boards and style blogs that I follow. For modern, trendy outfits, often times you’re just following what’s popular. I do love runway fashion but it’s often unwearable, especially for a college student like myself. That’s why I put a twist on modern trends to make them a little less in-your-face and toned down (that’s the classic side coming in). My take on modern is taking staple, timeless pieces (such as a knit loose-fit sweater & dark wash skinnies) and amping them up with a pop of color (that coral/orange combo is beautiful), a pattern or texture (i.e. sequin clutch), and/or a big statement necklace. Still appropriately classic but a little more fun & youthful. // Pictures via Pinterest

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